Started a Reading Club


This is a project I wish my teachers had done with me when I was a student. Its main goal is to help students develop the reading habit.

Every week, students choose a book in the school’s library and take it home to read. After reading, they must rate it by colouring stars in their reading log. Sometimes they will have some kind of activity to do about the book, such as describing their favourite character.

Parents are involved in the project by having to sign the log and helping their child choose a good time to read and a comfortable place in the house. Even if they cannot speak English, they can help by providing an adequate reading environment.

After reading five books, there will be a bigger activity where students will produce something for the community. For instance, they will choose their favourite book, take it home again and read it to as many people as they can and report the experience. Or maybe they will write a book recommendation for the school’s library’s bulletin board saying what were the best things about the book.

My students were really excited after the first week of the project. Even though some of them forgot to return the book, they all read their books and filled in the log and were excited to take another book home – or sad they could not take it home because they can only take a new book when they return the other one.

It is a very simple project anyone can do if there is a library at school. I believe it is very important to share projects like this, especially in our sometimesĀ ‘over-technologic’ environment, so that children can see that there are other fantastic worlds to be discovered away from the computer screens. šŸ™‚

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Wrote about the reasons why they love their school

In my last post, I said I believed my students could write better sentences about their school. And I’ve done exactly what I said: I took their sentences, wrote them on paper slips and asked further questions to help them develop their ideas and wrote them myself on the paper.

Why did I write it myself? Mostly due to time constraints. I still have course books to follow and a deadline to do the test with them. And also because I am always late. As I keep bringing extra stuff for my students, I tend to end up having to rush things towards the end of the semester/year.

Regarding the activity and my expectations, I think my students did a good job. They answered the questions right away, reflecting and giving interesting reasons for liking a particular thing about their school. They mentioned games they played in the playground, theĀ forest that surrounds the school and the fresh air they can breathe. It was a nice moment of meaningful input for them and assessment for me.

I really wanted to have them record a video for the school’s website, because in the end, the project was also a nice way to promote the school. But we shall see the arrangements for that.

Next class we are going to go back to using the course book. The main goal will be to describe people’s appearance by using parts of the body vocabulary.

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