I’m Duda Costa, an English teacher from Brazil. I love teaching young learners, but I also teach adults and teenagers. I have been teaching for about eight years in Recife, Brazil.

My teaching qualifications include a CELTA, DELTA Module 1 and a few YL and VYL courses. I hold a degree in Languages – Portuguese, English and Literature. I am also a Cambridge Speaking Examiner.

I am currently teaching children at a bilingual school and I have just started my Masters degree course at Unicap.

I am a Teaching Unplugged enthusiast, but I like to say I am not a radical. Balance is key, but the first thing I think about when planning my lesson is not the approach, or the materials, it is the students. They are the focus of my teaching.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy my blog and you are welcome to comment and come back! 🙂